The Canyon Lake POA has a five-member Board of Directors who are collectively responsible for the management and operation of the Canyon Lake POA’s business affairs. The Board of Directors are elected for staggered two-year terms by Canyon Lake homeowners. The entire Board can be emailed at [email protected].

Bill Van Vleet

Board President

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2022 - 2024 (2 year term)

About Bill Van Vleet

Bill has been a Canyon Lake property owner for more than a decade. He brings a wealth of experience knowledge to the Canyon Lake POA with more than 40 years experience in building and leading businesses. His distinguished career includes being a CEO for three successive technology companies and providing executive mentoring to several corporations both in the public and private sector. Bill has also served on the Canyon Lake POA's Facilities Planning Committee, FPC/Finance Sub-Committee, and Security Committee. 

Greg Doherty

Board Vice President

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2022-2024 (2 year term)

About Greg Doherty

Greg joins the Canyon Lake POA Board after retiring from a 50 year career in commercial insurance where he managed and mitigated financial risk for clients. Greg brings a fresh customer-service oriented perspective to the Board. He has been a Canyon Lake resident since 2015 and has served on the Canyon Lake POA Finance Committee and Dredge Committee for the past two years. Additionally, he is an active member of the Pickleball Club, Yacht Club and Car Club. 

Joe Kamashian

Board Secretary

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2023 - 2025 (2 year term)

About Joe Kamashian

Joe Kamashian is a dedicated community member and a strong advocate for maintaining and improving the amenities and infrastructure of the community. Joe aims to ensure the effectiveness of community patrol, protect property values through the management of repair and replacement reserves, and maximize the benefits of assessments. He is actively involved in various committees, including the Green Committee and the Facility Planning Committee, where he has served as chairman and member, respectively. Additionally, Joe's commitment extends to numerous clubs such as the Men's Golf Club, Travel Club, Yacht Club, CLAMS, CLAPPS, and the Pickleball Club. With a background in owning an electrical contracting company for 25 years, Joe brings valuable experience to the Board. He has been a Canyon Lake property owner since 1989 with is wife Linda. Joe takes great pride in his family, with two children, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Alex Cook

Board Treasurer

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2023 - 2025 (2-year term)

About Alex Cook

Alex has been a resident of Canyon Lake for over 20 years, he has been actively involved in the community for nearly as long as he has been a resident. He has served on the Canyon Lake POA's Recreation Committee for the past eight years and has been chairperson of that committee for the past six years. He has also served on the Facilities Planning Committee and former Campground Committee, and he has been involved in several community clubs throughout the years.

Jeff Bill

Board Director

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2023 - 2025 (2 year term)

About Jeff Bill

Jeff Bill is a dedicated community member and experienced professional with a passion for improving the quality of life in Canyon Lake. With over 30 years of experience in the environmental field, he has successfully tackled water pollution issues in both public and private sectors. Jeff has also held leadership positions, serving as a VP/GM and leading turnaround initiatives to restore failing companies to profitability. Jeff's background in law enforcement gives him unique insights into addressing security concerns within the community. Actively involved in various community activities, he serves on committees and is a member of multiple clubs, reflecting his commitment to fostering a cohesive and vibrant community. Dedicated to representing all members and upholding the values of the Canyon Lake Community, Jeff aims to bring unity and positive progress to the Canyon Lake community.