Finn Scooters

Finn Scooters

Finn Scooters Are Available Now!

Rental Cost

  • $25 for 18-holes
  • $18 for 9-holes


  • Single-rider carts that speed up the pace of play with an average pace of 7.5 minutes per hole
  • Easy and compact to store
  • Silent
  • Turf-friendly tires
  • Batteries last for up to 36 holes

Things to Know

  • One rider and bag per scooter
  • First Come - First Served (no reservations)
  • GPS tracked for security

Before using the new carts, customers must watch an instructional video on how to operate the cart. These new carts may only be used at the Canyon Lake Golf & Country Club and are not permitted for use inside the community of Canyon Lake, CA.