Golf Course Rules


The Canyon Lake Golf Shop opened in 1970. The 18-hole golf course and driving range are located off
Railroad Canyon Road adjacent to the Canyon Lake Country Club facility. The course features 5,927 yards
of golf from the longest tees for a par of 71. The course rating is 68.7 and it has a slope rating of 123 on
Bermuda grass. The architecture and most recent renovations were designed by Ted Robinson, ASGCA.
There is also an adjoining full-service Golf Shop that is open 7 days and has helpful staff to assist golfers
with all of their needs. The driving range, Golf Shop and Country Club are open to the public; however,
the golf course is private and use is available only to members and their guests.


Members as herein defined, include a long-term Lessee with lease of one (1) year or more who possesses
recreational use rights as defined in Rules and Regulations of the Property Owners CLPOA under leases.
These rules are to be adhered to by all. Any violation of the rules may result in applicable fine(s). Further,
any violation of the rules could also result in the loss of golfing privileges.

GC.2.1 Use Privileges – Defined
Members in Good Standing are allowed daily use of the golf course and related facilities in accordance
with hours, procedures and restrictions, as stated in these rules.

GC.2.2 Outside Golf Memberships
Outside Golf Memberships are available to Non-Members of the Canyon Lake Property Owners
Association pursuant to the Associations Revocable Membership Agreement. An outside Golf Member in
compliance with these rules and all provisions of his / her Revocable Golf Membership Agreement shall
also be considered a member in good standing for purposes of golf course and country club facilities use
only. No other privileges are afforded to outside Golf Members.

GC.2.3 Limitations
The following are limitations for guests of members.

GC.2.3a Member in Good Standing Required - Member must be a Member in Good Standing in order
to extend golf course use privileges to guests.

GC.2.3b Maximum Number of Guests Per Member - Maximum number of guests per member is four
(4) at any one time. Exception: The Golf Professional may schedule Member-sponsored coordinated
groups of twelve (12) or more.

GC.2.4 Reciprocal Play (Non-Members)
Defined as persons who are Members of other private golf courses where reciprocal play privileges are

GC.2.4a Cash Only for Fees - Appropriate fees shall be satisfied on individual cash basis only.

GC.2.4b Proof of Membership - At time of play, individual must show proof of current membership
of said golf entity.

GC.2.4c Reservations - Reservations are required.

GC.2.5 Non-Members
The golf course is closed to outside play with the following exceptions:
• Guests of Members.
• Reciprocal play.
• Sanctioned tournament play.
• Member-sponsored / coordinated organized play.
• Non-Members with an approved CLPOA Annual Revocable Golf Membership
• Schools team members.


Rules and regulations have been established by CLPOA for use and play. These rules are to be adhered to
by all. Any violation of the rules may result in applicable fine(s). Further, any violation of the rules could
also result in the loss of golfing privileges.

GC.3.1 Registration and / or Payment
All players must first register in the Golf Shop. The non-Member fee rate will be charged to those unable
to show evidence of membership (CLPOA membership card).

GC.3.2 Junior Players
Junior players, unaccompanied by an adult, may play the course provided they can show evidence of
knowledge of all safe golfing practices. NOTE: Pro Shop to have written record of evidence.

GC.3.3 Start
All players will start on the first tee unless otherwise permitted by the Starter.

GC.3.4 Practice
Practice is limited to Practice Facility. Only practice balls supplied by the golf shop are to be used on the
driving range. Practice balls, baskets or bags are not to be removed from the Practice Facility.

GC.3.5 Stopping
Persons stopping between nines must check in with the Starter before resuming play.

GC.3.6 Falling Behind / Play Through
Groups falling more than one (1) hole behind must allow following group to play through.

GC.3.7 No Fighting or Misconduct
Fighting or misconduct of any kind is subject to applicable fine and suspension of golf privileges.

GC.3.8 Replace Divots, Rake Bunkers and Repair Ball Marks, As Needed
It is mandatory for all golfers using the golf course to carry refillable sand bottles. Divots on tees and
fairways must be replaced, bunkers raked and ball marks on greens repaired. This rule applies to all golfers
- walking or using golf carts.

GC.3.9 No Swimming, Fishing or Wading in Golf Course Lakes
No swimming, fishing or wading is permitted in golf course lakes. Players’ balls must be retrieved from

GC.3.10 No Pets on Golf Course
Pets are not allowed on the golf course at any time (on leash or otherwise).

GC.3.11 Only Authorized Persons Allowed on Golf Course and / or Cart Paths
No persons except registered golfers, maintenance / supervisory personnel or authorized spectators are
permitted on golf course or cart paths. Cart paths cannot be used to commute from one side of the
community to the other.

GC.3.12 Only Authorized Golf Carts Allowed on Golf Course
No personal vehicles other than authorized golf carts allowed on golf course.

GC.3.13 No Bicycles
Bicycles are not permitted on golf course or cart paths.

GC.3.14 No Skateboards
No skateboard riding allowed on golf course or cart paths.

GC.3.15 No Scooters
No scooters are permitted on golf course or cart paths.

GC.3.16 No Inline Skates
Inline skates are not allowed on the golf course or cart paths.


These rules have been established by CLPOA and are to be adhered to by all. Any violation of the rules
may result in applicable fine(s). Further, any violation of the rules could also result in the loss of golfing

Golf carts pose a serious problem for the rough and fairway turf grass. They compact the soil, leave ruts
in the turf in wet areas and damage new growth. As a result, the following rules have been established
for golf carts:

GC.4.1 Drivers License Required
No person without a valid Driver License is permitted to operate any golf cart at any time on the golf

GC.4.2 Authorized Use Only
No one shall be permitted to ride in carts without permission from the Pro Shop unless playing golf. A fee
may apply.

GC.4.3 Ninety Degree (90°) Rule in Effect
The ninety-degree (90°) rule is in effect at all times. If this is unfamiliar, ask at the Golf Shop.

GC.4.4 Maximum Two (2) Persons Per Cart / Maximum Two (2) Carts Per Foursome
Two (2) persons per cart, maximum two (2) carts per foursome.

GC.4.5 No Fivesomes
No fivesomes are permitted without specific permission from the Golf Shop.

GC.4.6 No Carts on Steep Hills
No carts on steep hills allowed.

GC.4.7 Stay on Paths
Golf carts must be kept on paths except to go to ball.

GC.4.8 Stay Off Tees
Golf carts must stay completely off tees.

GC.4.9 Stay and / or Park on Cart Path Around Tees and Greens
Stay and / or park on the cart path around tees and greens. Keep all four (4) tires on cart path at all times.

GC.4.10 No Parking in Front of Greens
Golf carts may not be parked in front of greens.

GC.4.11 Maintain Required Distance from Greens
Golf carts must be kept at least twenty (20) yards away from greens.

GC.4.12 Maintain Required Distance from Greens for Carts with Authorized Medical Flags
Carts with authorized medical flags must go no closer than fifteen (15) yards to greens or tees.

GC.4.13 Carts without Turf-Friendly Tires Allowed on Cart Paths Only
Carts without turf friendly tires must remain on cart path at all times.


CLPOA Golf Course Operations Policy is as follows:

This policy has been adopted by the Board of Directors, upon the recommendation of the Green
Committee, to provide for orderly operation of golfing activities and to ensure that all Canyon Lake
property owners and their guests have first priority. This policy recognizes the fact that Member
competition exists for preferred starting times and attempts to address the problem equitably.

Major holidays and / or holiday weekends are determined annually and posted in the Golf Shop for
advanced notification of exceptions to normal operating procedures.

Any reference to the Golf Professional includes the Golf Professional and his designees.

For purposes of clarification of this Golf Course Operations Policy, golf course use privileges are extended
to Members in Good Standing that are Prime Members and / or Associate Members.


Weather and conditions permitting, the operating hours of the golf course, pro shop and practice facility
shall be set by the Golf Professional, with the concurrence of the General Manager. Any change in
operating hours shall be effective immediately upon posting at the Golf Course unless a later effective
date is specified in the notice. Hours of operation shall also be noticed to the local membership in the
Association’s official publication within seven (7) days after the effective date of any change. NOTE: In the
event of a frost delay, a modified shotgun format may be utilized to shorten the delay of tee times. Rental
carts must be returned fifteen (15) minutes prior to sunset.

GC.6.1 Open Play
Open Play pertains to the following:
• Sunday all day (except for tournaments approved by the Golf Professional).
• Monday all day (except for designated maintenance days).
• Tuesday after Women’s Club organized play.**
• Wednesday after Men’s Club organized play and after Family Club organized play.**
• Thursday after Niner’s Club organized play.**
• Friday all day.
• Saturday all day (except for tournaments approved by the Golf Professional).
**NOTE: Upon completion and clearing of the #1 Tee, the Golf Professional will schedule open play.

GC.6.2 Closure of Golf Course
Course will be closed for a full maintenance day each month. Maintenance days will take place on the 2nd
Monday of each month. In the event of a scheduling conflict, the General Manager has the authority to
change the maintenance day. The course will be closed for 18 days in the fall, usually in late September
or early October.


Approved Tournaments are as follows:

GC.7.1 Annual
Tournament requests will be submitted to the Club Professional for approval and scheduling.

GC.7.2 Weekly
• Tuesday Morning - Women’s Club.
• Wednesday Morning - Men’s Club Day.
• Wednesday Afternoon - Family Club Day.
• Thursday Morning - Niner’s Club Day.

GC.7.3 Junior Golf
Tournaments to be coordinated with the Golf Professional.

GC.7.4 Outside Tournaments
An outside tournament is defined as non-Member play, organized under the direction and with the
approval of the Golf Professional for the purpose of generating revenue.


Proper dress attire is required. The Golf Professional shall refuse play or expel from the course during
play, anyone who refuses to comply with the following:

GC.8.1 Shirt Style
Men’s shirts must have a fold down collar or Mock Turtle T.

GC.8.2 Halter Tops, Tube Tops, Tank Tops or Bare Midriffs are Not Permitted
No halter tops, tube tops, tank tops or bare midriffs.

GC.8.3 Short Shorts are Not Allowed
No short shorts. Shorts more than 5” above the knee must be 18” from the waistband to the hemline. This
applies to both male and female golfers.

GC.8.4 Shirts and Shoes Required
Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

GC.8.5 No Denim Jeans or Shorts are Allowed
No denim jeans or denim shorts.

GC.8.6 No Cutoffs, Athletic Shorts, Board Shorts and / or Bathing Suits Allowed
No cutoffs, no athletic shorts, no board shorts, no bathing suits.

GC.8.7 Non-Metal Spikes Required
Canyon Lake Golf Course requires non-metal spikes.

GC.8.8 Dress Code in Effect at Golf Course and Practice Facility
The dress code is in effect in and around the practice facility and golf course at all times.


These procedures are to be followed for making reservations. Methods are as follows:

GC.9.1 Annual Members
Reservations for starting times may be made up to fourteen (14) days in advance beginning at 6:45 a.m.
daily for resident members with an annual membership. All other members may make a reservation ten
(10) days in advance. Non-resident annual members may make a reservation seven (7) days in advance.

GC.9.2 Guests of Members
Reservations must be made by hosting Member only.

GC.9.3 Advanced Reservations
The Golf Professional should be notified promptly of any cancellations. Failure to adhere to this policy
may result in loss of the privilege.

GC.9.3a Multiple Starting Times - Member’s group play non-prime time (after 10:30 a.m.) starting
times may be assigned a maximum of ten (10) days in advance. NOTE: This is excluding major holidays
/ holiday weekends at the discretion of the Golf Professional. Maximum one (1) hour of starting times
per group approximately eight (8) starting times. Submit participants’ names upon making
reservations. Overbooking may result in loss of privileges.

GC.9.3b Reciprocal Players’ - Starting times should be made by the reciprocal club’s Golf Professional
at least two (2) days in advance.

GC.9.3c Outside Groups with Twelve (12) or More Players - Member sponsored coordinated (nonprime time only).
• Must be made a minimum of ten (10) days in advance.
• Must be arranged by the Golf Professional.
• Must not conflict with the established course group priorities.
• A non-refundable deposit is required. Any potential refund will be made at the discretion
of the Golf Professional.


The Golf Professional has the authority to substitute players on the tee for any tardy player or groups, and
to assign additional players to complete foursomes.
All players must register in the Pro Shop fifteen (15) minutes in advance of starting time and present
proper identification upon request. All guests must be registered prior to check-in.


These are the procedures for golf cart rental.

GC.11.1 Golf Cart Rental Agreement
In order to rent a golf cart, a golf cart rental agreement must be properly executed.

GC.11.2 Age and License Requirements
Driver must have a valid Driver License and must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.


These are the procedures for temporary medical flag. A temporary medical flag may be obtained from the
Golf Professional by:

Presenting a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) handicap placard validated by Drivers License.

Presenting a DMV certification form completed and signed by an authorized physician for individuals not
holding a valid Driver License.

A letter confirming a medical problem signed by a doctor.

A daily temporary medical flag may be issued at the Golf Professional’s discretion and must be returned
to the golf shop at the end of the round.


The Canyon Lake Golf Course is a private golf course for residents of Canyon Lake. Non-residents may play
golf if they are sponsored by a resident of Canyon Lake. The sponsoring resident is responsible for their
guests at all times, and is ultimately responsible for all actions and fines of their guests.
The duties of the Golf Course Marshals are to ensure that the rules and regulations of the CLPOA are
upheld and that the approved golf course policy is met and to ensure proper speed of play.

It is proper for the Golf Course Marshals to issue citations; however, it should always be the intent to gain
conformity with the rules and regulations.

A copy of the CLPOA Rules and Regulations should be in the Marshals’ possession at all times and should
quote the rule to the violator. If the necessary result is not achieved, proceed with the appropriate action.